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Art & Life by Dean

“It isn’t just the photograph. It’s the process. It is being open and allowing yourself the opportunity to be seen from a different perspective. Each perspective is to be celebrated, whether it feels safe and easy, or pushes you to outside your comfort zone. That is where the magic happens. That is where you give yourself the grace you deserve to heal, to feel loved, and to be seen.”


Art & Life by Dean has it covered for every Occasion!

Everybody deserves to be seen and to be heard.

Founder of Art & Life by Dean

Meet Danovan Dean

As a Gwinnett photographer, born and raised in Milledgeville, GA,  I’ve traveled to experience different places, countries, and cultures to further my understanding of life and its offerings. 

Life has taught me to treasure things as they are; imperfections, marks, looks, or colors often make things unique in their own special way. 

My ultimate goal is to continue to grow through my camera lens, taking photos of all types of people or the things in their lives and creating art to treasure forever. 



My first ever photo shoot with Mr. Dean was AMAZING ….

He made me feel very welcome and comfortable and that was a big insecurity of mine. I wanted to wait for a certain date and to be at a certain weight and he said “you better come on and lets get it done” and I'm really glad I did it before the new year. It not only showed me that time waits for nothing but it also helped me realize that I am enough, right now, as I am.


I went a little overboard and got my makeup done and felt I had to look a certain way and it helped me realize that the natural beauty that I hold is enough and I really really needed that. I can’t wait fort the next one 

work with me




Phone: 404-538-8048


I would love to answer all your questions and go over details about the experience and pricing.

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