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Founder of Art & Life by Dean

Meet Danovan Dean

As a Gwinnett photographer, born and raised in Milledgeville, GA,  I’ve traveled to experience different places, countries, and cultures to further my understanding of life and its offerings. 

My ultimate goal is to continue to grow through my camera lens, taking photos of all types of people, the things in their lives, and creating art to treasure forever. 

As a collision repair technician, I make broken things whole again and thoroughly enjoy exercising my critical thinking skills doing so. As a fixer, I like to think I acquired that passion from my father, who was a mechanic. Life has taught me to treasure things as they are; imperfections, marks, looks, or colors often make things unique in their own special way. 

In 2018, I was seriously injured in a car accident. I found myself in a space where  I couldn’t fix cars and I couldn’t physically fix myself. I did discover I could fix my mindset, and I did so through the lens of a camera. I gathered material to read, watched videos, did pro bono shoots for practice, joined groups to improve my knowledge, learned new techniques, and connected with people all over.

Visualizing the photos before they're taken helps connect your ideas with my passion to generate and capture beautiful moments that we both can be proud of.

By no means am I a conventional photographer, nor do I aim to be. I've invested time studying to improve my craft, however, the best teacher so far has been real-time experience.

Danovan Dean

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