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I Should Have Cheated…And Did (III)

Alright so thanks for joining me for the third installment here, wasting no time and diving headfirst into this umm, fuckry.

I got jammed up. I was at work just a few minutes away at WM when I got the call. Mind you, she (my girlfriend at the time), came by to see me and get the key to my apartment while I was at work and STILL unbeknownst to me, I had left my trail of shame out for her to see. She did, and she called like “ehhhh did you mean to leave this out nigga?” I did not BUT let’s own it at this point right? “Yep, I wanted to talk to you about this” so I finished my shift and went home for what I don’t know. I didn’t know what to expect, but I knew I had to hit it head on. So we hit the conversation head on, there was some I’m sorry‘s and shit on both ends and blah blah blah and then cracked buns. I think all is good in the neighborhood, and it wasn’t. It just literally set the stage for my ho phase. 1 full year of being community dick, at the rate I was going we can even say city dick. I had a failed relationship, a new swank ass pad, a job at BMW in SC (which is big shit in those parts), AND I was a customer service manager across the front end at WM. Which essentially is an endless supply of opportunity because I had to interact with any and everybody in that store that worked there. Not to mention all the foot traffic in and out the door on a regular basis.

Understand where this was going? Right. Essentially every chance I got I had 1060 Hunt Club Ln. Apartment H mf ROCKING! Which is cool and all that, pissed off my neighbors a few times. Met my future girlfriend and mother of 2 of my children (Michelle, Dallas/Maddox). May or may not have had a pregnancy scare, may or may not have contracted an STD, andddd may or may not have had my heart broken. All of this we can blow right on past, cool? Cool. Because I’ll revisit some or all of these stories when I drop my book 📕. But for now, you know what I found out during this time, she was still getting busy. The NERVE right? I’m out here doing my thing like I don’t have a care in the world and she got the AUDACITY to do it too.….which is how most men think. The antiquated “Do as I say not as I do” mentality. It’s all fine and dandy until it’s done to you. Here’s the kicker for me, I didn’t care. About her, about us, about who I was fucking, or myself honestly. I was just going for it. That’s it and that’s all. All I asked for her was basically if you’re doing it, keep it playa. You’re grown I’m grown, I’m not here to limit you but don’t play me like I’m dumb…and you know what she did, played me like I was damn dumb. Here‘s how.

I want to say it was the ONE time I went to visit her at her college while I lived in SC, which was honestly a very simple request of hers that I ignored because I always had to work and she didn’t. So I would always suggest she come to me, I cover her costs and we can go from there. During these visits, she grew tired of me always having to work and never communicated that “hey, take the evening off so we can go on a date” and personally I didn’t think enough about it to take the initiative to actually do it without. That’s completely on me. On this visit though, we’re lounging around and she pops out with some NAVY BLUE NIKE MICHIGAN BASKETBALL SHORTS.

I knew then that she was cheating.

Because how tf you gonna pop out with some basketball shorts like that and say they’re mine? She maintained her innocence the entire time but I knew better, they weren’t mine because I wasn‘t even buying basketball shorts like that at the time and damn sure not any Michigan shorts. So I let it be what it was. Wasn’t really upset about knowing what I already knew, but it was really just damn don’t play me like that because you know them damn shorts ain’t mine…ho.

Long story short, the relationship eventually failed. I moved to Florida and we split. We reconciled some few months later and moved in together and boy was that the nail in the coffin. We realized we really weren’t compatible anymore, we had thoroughly broken our bond and completely went our separate ways. We kept in touch and met up a couple times after that, never really reopening the relationship. After all of this though, I realized one thing that‘ll be the next string of topics…I shouldn’t have cheated.


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