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Tight Bubbles

There’s an interesting story that fits in the timeline of the trip to New Jersey when I was training with Mercedes last year and I think I want to share it with y’all.

Here goes.

My return flight to Atlanta from Newark was I think at 7:30-ish and the guy from the other shop out of Augusta (great guy by the way) was flying back at 6:30. Makes no sense right? Either way, we decided to go ahead and make our way to the airport early as it was his first time flying and he was realllllyyyyy uneasy about making that drive back to Newark and navigating through the airport. Me having lived there before I was already comfortable with driving like a complete DICK through traffic so I told him to just follow me and stay close. We made it safely and in record time, just for those who are wondering.

Also, another mini story here. Anytime I fly and I do mean anytime, I always get stopped by TSA after the hands up swirly bomb detector checkpoint thing. You know what I mean. I step in, hands up, thing swirls around, and I step out. Then they look at me and say “ehhhh can you step back in there?” Like an idiot, I do. It’s happened so much now that I say in advance “there’s a lump in my groin area to the left right?” Right…….This particular time, there was a older brother there and he made that whole experience for me. I gave him my rundown and he looks at me over the top of his glasses and says “aight boss man I promise I didn’t wake up with the intention of having to do this to you today but you a little large in the groin area so imma have to just do my job and we gonna get through this together” *inserts meme below* we get through the interaction all laughs and smiles and keep it moving right along.

We maneuver through the airport with plenty of time to spare, so I go hit the head while my roadie watches the bags and then I come back and he takes off. Chit chat it up a bit and he takes off to go get some souvenirs for his family. I’m sitting there minding my black ass business and this middle aged white guy comes up and just says “hey, ummmm, wanna do something fun?” Immediately I think to myself “bruh please don’t be on nothing goofy”. Nervously I respond like, yeaaa sure I guess. He goes on to say that he travels frequently and he just unlocked diamond status or something with Delta which allows him to take 2 guests who are flying delta into the sky club with him. My ears are perked tf up at this point, hell yeaaaa homeboy I’m with it! I keep it cool though because I cant let Timothy (I’m not sure if that’s his name but he looked like a Timothy, but for the gesture I’ll call him T dawg) know that I’ve never been in there. My roadie comes back and I explain it to him and we head into the Sky Club and if you’ve never been inside one it is WASPY AS FUCK. Immediately felt important going through there, free food, drinks, Wi-Fi, charging stations, all the amenities available to you. Immediately I want champagne.

Navigating nervously through the room, we find some seats next to two yt women, the one on my side casually tried to move all of her belongings to her side as if I wouldn’t notice. You know the whole let me clutch my purse around this negro thing. Now I’ll let you hold this tidbit, roadie is from Augusta. Like the real part and country asf. I could tell he felt out of his element so I tried talking him through it but eventually he headed back out to go wait for his flight. Now it’s just me and the two yt women. I whip out the ol’ IPad mf and start to bang out a blog and I can’t so I phone up Frenchy (super awesome friend and mentor of mine who just so happened to build my website in this final form so thank her and visit for some assistance in your business) and we have a quick chat to get to the bottom of the issue. In this conversation, the purse clutchers friend bids her farewell so now it’s really about to get spooky, it’s just her and I. Ebony and Ivory lmao.

There was a good bit of silence after me taking my call, I’ll say about 10 minutes and I notice her start to fidget and move around a bit. I noticed though, in that silence her vibe changed completely. She turns to me, and asks if I’ll be there for a while, and if I would watch her stuff for her. Not only will I watch her stuff but also would I like for her to bring me something back from the bar or buffet, anything! I’m befuddled at this point if I’m being honest, BUT, me being the real ninja I am “yes if you could bring me back some champagne that’d be great” and I slid her a $50. She didn’t take it because apparently even the champagne was free. I said it was WASPY ASF didn’t I? She got her snacks, and brought me back a glass of them tight bubbles filled to the rim! So much so it was spilling on her hand as she came back. As I thanked her taking my first sip, I thought to myself “dang the universe be working”. While I was in Jersey and all over the place, I wanted to celebrate the occasion with a bottle of champagne but just somehow kept missing it, but the universe made sure I didn’t leave the state without a glass, by way of T-Dawg’s kind act, served to me by an uncomfortable yt woman, Thanks Joan (Her name is Joan in this story).

*actual picture of me drinking my champagne laced with victory and caucasity*


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